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Power White - Ultra Fast Bleach

Power White Powder Discolorant Powder is uniform, progressive and ultra fast with maximum power of aperture, lightens up to 9 shades. It should be used in all hair bleaching techniques. Enriched with actives such as carbon, collagen and macadamia, they are active that protect the wires at the time of discoloration allowing the wires to become healthier and stronger after discoloration. Gently perfumed, it does not lift dust (Dust free) and disperses easily in hydrogen peroxide, forming a creamy emulsion with excellent performance in the whitening processes, wicks, pickles and ballayagens.

Line Powder Discolorant and OX

Discoloring Powder - Enriched with collagen and seaweed, innovative product less aggression and more whitening of the threads. Blond Special - Hydra max specially developed for discoloration enriched with marine algae, for a perfect discoloration.


OX - Enriched with marine algae and amonoacids with stabilized formula in 8,20,30 and 40 volume versions.