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Professional Luxury Hydration

The Pro Luxury Line Supreme is a moisturizing and emollient complex, with its efficient professional formula rich in noble ingredients, has the same effect of products that remove frizz from the hair and that condition and moisturize.

Its noble assets were selected to confer malleability, softness, emollience and intense shine to the hair, rescuing the health and natural resistance of the hair


Luxury Home Care Hydration

The Luxury Home Care Line for anyone who wants a luxurious lounge treatment in their home. With the same assets of the professional line, Pro Luxo Home Care is the perfect treatment for maintenance of the Professional line.

Keratin Pro-Lux Fluid

Pro Luxury Keratin Term Protein has been developed for dry, porous and chemical sensitized hair. Composed of keratin, collagen and vitamin B5, it adheres to the open and damaged cuticles, unifying them and filling the cracks and imperfections, nourishing and restoring the interior and exterior of the fiber. It has antioxidant properties, protecting the threads from harmful actions caused by free radicals.


Corrects porosity, increases elasticity and assists in controlling the natural moisture of the wires. When used as a finisher, it facilitates ease and combability, enhancing softness, promoting the sealing of the cuticles and enhancing an intense shine to the hair.

BB Cream Pró Luxo

The Pro Deluxe BB Cream 10 in 1 is a multi-functional leave in treatment that brings together several benefits in a single product.


It is enriched with Bionanotechnological assets and noble ingredients. It offers maximum penteability, UV protection, thermal protection, silkiness, anti frizz, prevents double tips, color protection, fiber repair, moisturizing, resistance and shine to the hair. Ideal for all types of hair. With and without rinse.