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Mask Lock - Lightning Hydration

Lightening hydration Mask Lock is the best liquid moisturizing system for all types of hair and especially for colored hair and mechados. Enriched with sunflower seed oil, corn oil, sesame oil, macadamia oil and olive oil. Magic product that moisturizes, restores and fixes the color of the coloration for much longer leaving the hair soft and silky for much longer. It has "fainting" effect, which reduces frizz and reduces hair volume.

Pró Color Home Care

Preserving the color integrity of colored and discolored hairs for longer, helping in fixing the color. Made with extract of caviar and biorestore that revitalize, restore and seal the cuticle increasing the color fixation.

Pró Color Red Mask

The Matizadora Procolor Red Hair Mask was developed with avocado butter, grape seed, bio restore and caviar extract to restore the shine of red and dyed hair.


The Pro color Red shade mask returns the natural moisture of the yarns through the active, providing much more shine, silkiness and color durability. In addition to protecting the fibers, reinforcing their resistance to mechanical and chemical damages.